Master DNA Summit

Live Event with Giselle Koy & Sandra Walter in Sedona, Arizona on May 5, 2019

A Powerful Live Experience hosted by Giselle Koy & Sandra Walter

Giselle will present on Spiritual Epigenetics, where science and God intersect. Applying HUman high performance techniques allows us to train our fields to hold more light and live at Creator Level.

Sandra will lead an advanced Crystalline DNA Activation to accelerate the process of embodiment and bioluminescence.

In this live event we will explore:

  • Crystalline Epigenetics and Divine HUman performance
  • How to engage with the three phases of Crystalline DNA activation
  • Aligning the Multidimensional Self to assist with Divine DNA in the Now
  • Powerful tools to create Embodiment of the Christ/Crystalline Consciousness

This is a High-Vibe presentation and experience.

Join us for this comprehensive and activating journey of our Divine DNA.


SUNday, May 5, 2019
10am - 1pm
Sedona Creative Life Center
The Sedona Room
333 Schnebly Hill Road
Sedona, Arizona 86336
$55 per person
Seating is limited: Presale recommended

DNA is the Bridge between Worlds

DNA creates personal, collective, and multidimensional experiences in form. It is a photonic light receiver-generator. It traverses dimensions and densities. Crystalline DNA contains stargate codes for the experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ, or a Divine HUman template experience.

When we activate these etheric crystalline bridge/Christed/Crystalline strands of DNA, we begin to embody our multidimensional Self; the simultaneous awareness of many aspects of Self.

We reconnect our awareness of Source-as-Self as a purified, very clear awareness. This known as the Christed/Crystalline/Unity consciousness state. It triggers massive collective acceleration for those choosing Ascension. This is happening Now.

Embodiment via Crystalline DNA Sequences

Christ consciousness shining through the crystalline DNA is a bridge between worlds. Just like a Primary Christed Ascension timeline, we utilize crystalline DNA as a Gateway to a new experience, because it bridges dimensions and densities.

Embodiment of the Christed Self is changing the HUman heart grid, and providing the new experience as a palpable reality for all willing hearts to align with. The revelation of our Solar focus, Gaia’s Solar activation, and our Solar Heart activation, weaves us back into the cosmic fabric of Oneness; Pure Unity Consciousness.


When the fields of our activated DNA, which creates our coveted experience of Divinity in form, begin to spin and radiate diamond-solar plasma light, our energy fields expand to match that vibration. Our activated heart centers lock into the field of Unity consciousness itself.

Presented by Giselle Koy & Sandra Walter

Giselle Koy is a Divine Ambassador who brings through messages and products from the higher realms. Giselle is currently studying and partnering with the Apeiron Center to provide genomic testing and spiritually based high-level performance coaching.

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide, Wayshower and Gatekeeper. Her Crystalline DNA Intel and live activations have opened thousands to their higher potential. As a Starseed, Sandra shares her unique codes, activates the heart center, and reconnects Source-encoded DNA strands with Infinite Creator.

"Sandra's Crystalline DNA workshops were an epic consciousness-shift for me. Truly a beautiful and profound experience."


"Giselle uses her energy to bring people together in the right space. She knows how to form relationships and understands how to build very strong teams. She built an alliance around me and lifted me up to a new level. "

A. Webb

Presale Tickets $55 per person

Reserve your seat and receive immediate access on this site to event details and the comment board for connecting with attendees. Seating limited to 50 persons; grab your seat soon! Please note: this is not the larger Light Tribe Gathering in Sedona.

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