Embodiment Timelines

Online Webinar with Sandra Walter

The collective timelines have shifted to accommodate Embodiment.

This has a strong effect on our personal and collective realities as we merge with our Higher Selves, right through the body.

Video & Audio REPLAY
This 2 hour webinar covered:

  • Why things feel surreal: How these less-dense timelines function
  • How to manifest in this New Light Level
  • Rewriting your personal narrative: How to stay focused, while allowing the highest trajectory to unfold
  • Guidance from the Higher realms on Embodiment and the next level of DNA activation
  • How to maintain balance and neutrality as the lower timelines collapse
  • Receiving Source codes from Gaia and the Grids for the next stages of Embodiment
  • Becoming a physical conduit of the Crystalline Bridge

Video replay available for 30 days with purchase.

Downloadable audio version provided.

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