Gateway of Light - January 2019

Replay now available!

Light Tribe online event with Sandra Walter

Ascension Guide Sandra Walter hosted a live Zoom webinar to share intel on this year's energies, what to expect, and tools to accelerate the process of our Divine embodiment.

In this live event we explored:

  • The energies of 2019, the New Light since Solstice, our personal and collective trajectories, contact in 2019, and more.
  • We had a Q&A focused on the topics for this month.
  • A full replay is now available. You have access for 30 days to the video replay.
  • A downloadable audio version is also provided.
We utilize the new light level and core magnetic shifts for our Ascension.
Event Details
Saturday, January 12, 2019
10am - 12noon PT
Online video webinar via Zoom
$33 per person
REPLAY now available

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